Hyper minimal framework for the modern web.

npx presta build pages/* dist/
Presta is in active beta. Questions, comments, ideas? Open an issue or PR!

Render hybrid pages from a server or statically, with convenient co-located data loading. No more prop drilling or fat data files.

Use any JS templating language (yes, React) and bring your own directory structure. Config is easy, if you even need it.

  • 0kb runtime*

    *There is no runtime. Pulled a sneaky on ya. But don't worry, you can bring your own.

  • Fast

    Runs ES modules natively in Node with no pre-compilation.

  • Flexible

    Generate any file format. Seriously. Easily nest microsites.

  • Familiar

    Go read the source (and contribute!): atm it's only about 1300 loc.

  • Easy

    Get started in seconds, right from the command line. Scale to thousands of pages.

  • Transparent

    There's no magic, only strings. Bring back the document web.